Vienna Open IXP

The Vienna Open IXP is an open and neutral Internet Exchange Point in Vienna (Austria).
This Internet Exchange aims to improve network connectivity in Vienna and makes accessability for smaller network operators a priority.

Rules for Participation

In order to ensure the best experience for all participants there are a few simple rules for the peering LAN.
  • IX Participants must have a valid public Autonomous System Number.
  • IX Participants are required to have up-to-date RIR Whois information and PeeringDB information.
  • IX Participants may only utilize a single layer-2 MAC address to place a single layer-3 router per port allocated from the IXP.
  • Every Router/Interface must be set to 1500 MTU.
  • Keep the IX-Network Clean (STP, IP redirects, LLDP, CDP, ARP proxy, and other link-local protocols must be disabled - except ARP and IPv6 ND.).
  • Only The following Transmissions are allowed on the IX-Network: Ethernet-frames: 0x0800 – IPv4, 0x0806 – ARP, 0x86dd – IPv6.
  • IX Participants must not allow VOIXP subnet(s) to propagate externally from their network. They should also should minimize internal propagation as much as able.
  • IX Participants must use ACLs to prevent access to VOIXP subnets beyond their edge router(s).
  • IX Participants may not sniff traffic between other participants.
  • IX Participants must use BGP-4.
  • Peering is bilateral with the exception of route servers. There are no Multi-Lateral Peering Agreements on this Exchange.
  • IX Participants may not Point default Routes at each other.
  • IX Participants not offer IP-Transit (full view or default route) over the IXP without permission from the IXP-Team!
  • IX Participants must be responsive to other participants and administrators in order to protect the short and long term health of the exchange fabric.
  • IX Participants are required to use a direct physical connection to the IX Eqipment/infrastructure.
  • Every IX Partipant is responsible for his/her/its own connection cost to the IX (Fiber-Optic Cabling, Transievers/Optics/...)..
Please note: Only one Port is allocated per Organisation/Member. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.


VOIXP features redundant Route-Servers with automatic filtering based on AS-SET.
Filter rules are reloaded every day at 8 AM UTC.


Please send an Email to